Welcome Dr. Hopkins

The FSAH family would like to welcome Dr. Hopkins to the team!                                                                            

About Dr. Hopkins
Like many veterinarians, Dr. Hopkins knew at an early age what she wanted to do as an adult. Her father always wanted to be a veterinarian and was a source of inspiration throughout her childhood. Not only a father but a sister-in-law went into the field which offered encouragement and served to be a big help going through vet school.

Dr. Hopkins always had dogs growing up, particularly large breeds running around the house. The family dogs included: 2 yellow labs, 2 St. Bernard’s and 1 Bernese Mountain Dog. Dr. Hopkins has a soft spot for the giant breeds.

Dr. Hopkins was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs and has lived many places thought the Midwest. She did her Animal Science undergraduate degree at Michigan State University and veterinary school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Being home team rivals, Dr. Hopkins tends to cheer more for MSU if the two are playing each other. After graduation she moved to Milwaukee and began her career. Now located in Indiana, FSAH is happy to welcome Dr. Hopkins to the team!

Dr. Hopkins met her husband in first grade, started dating in high school and got married while in veterinary school. Her husband is a pharmacist and is always willing to work with her on questions about about the latest drug therapies. They share their house with an Australian Shepard mix named Dottie. She adds a lot of energy to the their lives and Dr. Hopkins looks forward to continuing Dottie’s training in agility.

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