Veterinary Receptionist Week





This week is Veterinary Receptionist Week-April 21-27, 2019. I would like to take this opportunity to talk about Four Seasons Animal Hospitals dedicated, hard working receptionists!


Our hospital could not perform its duties without the talented ladies who duties are endless. Unless you have answered the myriad of phone calls that a veterinary hospital receives, you may imagine that being the


receptionist might be an easy job. And you would be WRONG!



You never know what you might hear when you answer “Four Seasons Animal Hospital, this is Shelly, how may I help you?” It might be someone seeking advice about an illness, a prescription refill or a million other questions.

You’ve got to know the answer or know how to get them the correct answer quickly and do so while people are going in and out for appointments or coming in to buy heartworm or flea prevention. It is a tough job!

And while all of the staff are known to answer the phone when it rings, Jill, Lisa, Abby S, Juanita and Kayla answer the majority. We are extremely grateful to work alongside


competent and friendly staff members who toil away so enthusiastically at their responsibilities!

Thank you for all you do!


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