Our Team

Our TeamThe team at Four Seasons Animal Hospital is comprised of highly trained and experienced animal health professionals who have a genuine love for working with pets. Our staff treats every patient with the highest quality of medical care as well as a gentle touch.

Practice Owner

Dr. Glenn N. Major

They say some people are born to be veterinarians, but Dr. Glenn N. Major likes to refer to himself as “wired” to be a veterinarian as he was born into a family of engineers.  While his father and brother were off rebuilding engines, Dr. Major was rescuing wildlife, catching crawdads in the local creek and raising tadpoles in the toilet.  A raccoon, many chipmunks and at least one pet crow later, Dr. Glenn Major graduated from Purdue University’s School of Veterinary Medicine in 1983. 

Starting off, Dr. Major had thought of becoming a swine veterinarian but this idea was quickly vetoed by his wife as the smell of pig just never goes away :).  Instead, Dr. Major started Four Seasons Animal Hospital as a house call practice in 1985 out of the trunk of his Honda.  As times have changed, so has Four Seasons Animal Hospital, which 30 years later, is still serving the Lake of Four Seasons/Winfield area and surrounding communities.

Now an empty-nester, Dr. Major shares his home with his wife of 30+ years and Waldo, a 5 year old lovable shih-tzu.  He also gets his daily cat fix by caring for all of our clinic cats, Peanut, Pearl, and Figaro, as Mrs. Major is highly allergic to kitties.

Associate Veterinarians


Dr. Courtney Harsy 

Growing up an animal lover and over-achiever are the traits which Dr. Courtney Harsy says lead her to the path of Veterinary Medicine.  While her early years were spent playing with pet rabbits, hamsters and even the animals on her cousins’ farm she was also an avid learner who from a young age wanted to academically challenge herself in her career.

So young Dr. Harsy, after petitioning for the first family dog (and winning), asked her mom what job she thought was the most challenging.  Her mother responded that a doctor, probably meaning a human doctor, was the hardest job and a young Dr. Harsy set her career goals to doctor.  That was until she found out that there were doctors for animals called Veterinarians.  With that knowledge, Dr. Harsy’s career was decided and she began working in an animal hospital as soon as she was able.  This is where she first fell in love with the field of Veterinary Medicine.  Many years later in 2014, Dr. Courtney Harsy graduated from Purdue University’s School of Veterinary Medicine.  That same year she also married her college sweetheart. 

As our exotic veterinarian, Dr. Harsy has a very special interest in all exotic species and enjoys working with everything from small hamsters to large constrictors.  When she is not spending time harassing her husband she enjoys needlework (crochet, knitting and needlepoint), as well as playing viola and being kept in line by her house rabbit, Stipple.  You will often see Dr. Harsy accompanied by her dog, Clover, as she is a frequent daycare participant.  She recently adopted a bull python named Mr. Tongue Flexington and a beta fish named Finn.


Dr. Kelly Hopkins 

Like many veterinarians, Dr. Hopkins knew at an early age what she wanted to do as an adult.  Her father always wanted to be a veterinarian and was a source of inspiration throughout her childhood.  Not only a father but a sister-in-law went into the field which offered encouragement and served to be a big help going through vet school.

Dr. Hopkins always had dogs growing up, particularly large breeds running around the house.  The family dogs included: 2 yellow labs, 2 St. Bernard's and 1 Bernese Mountain Dog.  Dr. Hopkins has a soft spot for the giant breeds.

Dr. Hopkins was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs and has lived many places thought the Midwest.  She did her Animal Science undergraduate degree at Michigan State University and veterinary school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Being home team rivals, Dr. Hopkins tends to cheer more for MSU if the two are playing each other.  After graduation she moved to Milwaukee and began her career.  Now located in Indiana, FSAH is happy to welcome Dr. Hopkins to the team!

Dr. Hopkins met her husband in first grade, started dating in high school and got married while in veterinary school.  Her husband is a pharmacist and is always willing to work with her on questions about about the latest drug therapies.  They share their house with an Australian Shepard mix named Dottie.  She adds a lot of energy to the their lives and Dr. Hopkins looks forward to continuing Dottie's training in agility.


Management Staff

Shelly is our Practice Manager and has been with the hospital since August 2016.  Shelly brings with her 4 years of veterinary experience, 2 of those in management.  Shelly loves to travel and has a black belt in Karate and one in Taekwondo.  Shelly shares her home with her husband and 2 casts: Girlfriend and Miss Missy.

Veterinary Assistant Staff

Angela is our Senior Veterinary and Surgical Assistant and has been with the practice since May 2002. Angela has taken classes to become a Registered Veterinary Technician through Purdue University Calumet's distance learning program. Angela shares her home with her son, 2 dogs: Brandy and Eve and 3 cats: Dewey, Lilly and Spongebob.

April is currently working as a Veterinary Assistant and has been with the practice since July 2006. She is also currently working to become a Registered Veterinary Technician through the San Juan Distance Learning program. April shares her home with her husband, their 2 dogs: Freckles and Shiloh and 6 cats: Cheetara, EJ, Fritz, Lion-O, Nala and Ozzy.

Karley joined Four Seasons Animal Hospital as a Kennel Assistant in February 2015.  A self-proclaimed animal-lover, Karley has attended classes at Indiana University Northwest for Business and Accounting. She shares her home with her 2 dogs: Baby and Indy.  Most recently, Karley increased her veterinary knowledge when she also became trained as a Veterinary Assistant in April of 2016.

Ashley is a Registered Veterinary Technician who joined our Four Seasons Animal Hospital family in April 2017.  She earned her Associate of Science Degree in Veterinary Technology from Brown Mackie College in 2013.  Ashley and her husband have 3 cats; Papa Nikki, Lilo and Stitch and a Beta fish name Bernie.  They hope to add to their fur baby family soon with a Labrador Retriever puppy!

Receptionist Staff

Brenda is our Senior Receptionist and has been with the practice since September 2005. Brenda attended Junior College in Michigan, obtaining an Associates Degree in Childhood Development. Brenda shares her home with her husband, her 2 dogs: Shelby and Sydney, 2 cats: Pepper and Hobbes and guinea pigs: George Woozle and Smore.

Kayla is currently working as a Receptionist and has been with the practice since July 2012. Prior to working at Four Seasons Animal Hospital, Kayla had already worked in the veterinary industry and brings 4 years of experience to her role. Kayla is currently training to become a Veterinary Assistant. She shares her home with 4 cats: Gummy, Jackpot, Scratchy & Java Bean and 2 guinea pigs: Butterscotch & Little Mikey.

Jill is also currently working as a Receptionist and has been with the practice since February 2013. Jill has studied medical terminology and computer courses at Indiana University Northwest. She shares her home with her husband, 2 daughters, 1 son, and 2 dogs: Baby and Indy.

Kennel Staff

Samantha is our Kennel Manager and has been with the practice since October 2015.   Previous to becoming manager, Sam worked as a Kennel Assistant for a year.  A graduate of Crown Point High School, Samantha has also taken classes at Indiana University Northwest. She shares her home with her dog Jake.

Katie, a graduate of Crown Point High School is working as a Kennel Assistant and attending Ivy Tech Community College. Katie has been with the practice since March 2014 and shares her home with a 1 dog: Amanda and 1 cat: Tails.

Bryana is also a Kennel Assistant and has been with the practice since March 2016.  Bryana is a 2016 graduate of Crown Point High School and is attending Purdue University Northwest with future hopes to be studying Pre-Veterinary Medicine.  Bryana also has an interest in animal behavioral studies.  She shares her home with two dogs, Asia & Leia.

Wyatt started with us in a job shadow program also from Purdue University Northwest.  When a position opened in our Kennel department, Wyatt was the first one we called.  Now he is a more regular face you will see at your appointments because though he started in kennel, he also is training to be a Veterinary Technician.  He is majoring in Biology but hope to pursue a career in the Veterinary field.  He shares his home with 2 dogs: Duke, Brianna and 1 cat: Turk.

Shannon started Feb 2017 in our kennel department as an assistant. She came to us with little kennel experience but accepted the challenge and has proven herself a dedicated, knowledgeable and hard working employee.  Shannon shares her home with her husband, 2 sons and daughter and her dog Abby.

Grooming Staff

Sherrene is our Professional Groomer and has been with the practice since August 1997. Sherrene attended Great Lakes Academy in Illinois, receiving her certification for Professional Grooming. Sherrene is also certified as a Pharmacy Technician. Sherrene shares her home with her husband and Newfoundland dog, Angus.

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