Birds (Avian)

Avian Influenza in Birds

In recent years we have all heard human horror stories and the words "bird flu" in the same sentence, repeatedly. Well, the Four Seasons Animal Hospital is here to tell you the truth about the bird flu.

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Avian First Aid

There are a host of emergencies that require first aid in pet birds ranging from animal attacks, egg binding, and breathing difficulties to fractures, head trauma, and smoke inhalation.

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Bird Bathing

Many companion parrot species originate from tropical environments with high humidity in which they bathe often. Even parrots from arid environments enjoy and benefit from bathing. Bathing stimulates preening and is essential for normal feather health.

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Parrot Household Dangers

There are a host of potential household dangers that may confront our winged companions, but not to worry. We here at Four Seasons Animal Hospital are available to help you and your bird live together in a safe environment.

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Unsafe Foods For Birds

Creating a list of foods considered dangerous or toxic to birds can be challenging for a number of reasons.

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Feeding your Pet Bird a Healthy Diet

Do you want your pet bird to have the best diet possible? So do we!! We here at Four Seasons Animal Hospital are here to help with all your bird questions but your bird's diet is a very important question so let's start at the beginning.

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Normal Parrot Behavior

Pet bird behavior is complex. For that reason, we here at Four Seasons Animal Hospital are here to help you have an understanding of what to expect from your bird.

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Preparing Your Home For Your New Baby Bird

So, you have decided that a bird is the pet for you. Congratulations!! The more prepared you are as a new owner, the easier your baby bird’s adjustment will be to his new home.

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Caging the Companion Parrot

Your bird's cage is one of the most important aspects of owning a bird. We here at Four Seasons Animal Hospital want to help you find a great cage/ home for your pet bird. Here we go...

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Foraging Behavior in Companion Parrots

Foraging is a very important part of every bird's behavior. We at the Four Seasons Animal Hospital are here to help you care for your bird, every step along the way.

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Care of Lories and Lorikeets

Congratulations on your new bird! Your new companion will introduce you to a world of cheer and song to brighten your day. We at the Four Seasons Animal Hospital are here to help you not only enjoy that song but to help you care for your bird everyday.

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